About Us

Why Nothin' Butt Dogs?

Nothin' Butt Dogs came about because 20 years ago I couldn't find any unique, cartoon-y Cairn Terrier products for myself.  I had two cute Cairns named Murph & Maddie at that time.  I was totally in love with them and the breed and I wanted to let others know how wonderful Cairns were, by sporting a t-shirt or drinking from a coffee mug with an original, funny Cairn theme.

But most of the products I could find were just plain text designs, realistic photos or artwork.  I couldn't find anything fun and cartoon-y.  

I became best friends with an artist that I met on a 90s Sci Fi TV message board around this time. We soon discovered how much we both loved dogs and were commiserating with each other about the lack of unique and fun merchandise for the breeds we loved. She had a Jack Russell, Idgie, at this time and faced a similar problem.

Well one night I was sharing a cute photo I took of my Cairn Terrier, Murph's rear end and a discussion ensued about how great it would be, to have his butt on a T-shirt.  And what if the caption read, "Nothin' Butt Cairns"? Hummm I think we're on to something.

 The next day, Judes sent me her first draft of Murph's butt. Eureka! I loved it!

Then it hit me. 

Surely I wasn't the only dog lover feeling this way. 

So Nothin' Butt Dogs was born. We've since created designs for over 70 breeds. We cover most of the popular breeds, but we also try to focus on the not as popular ones too, because I know what's like to have slim pickings to choose from. After Cairns, I had Smooth Collies and I had an even harder time finding products I liked.

It's our mission to create fun designs for all the breeds. If we haven't gotten to your breed yet, give us a holler. We'll do our best to do your breed proud.

Leslie & Judes