Christmas Cards Now Available! February 2, 2016 19:35

Christmas Cards are here y'all!

I know, I know, we haven't even had Turkey day yet, but I've had several people already asking about our Christmas Cards so I wanted to give a quick update.  We've been burning the midnight oil the last couple of weeks trying to get all our Christmas and Holiday designs available for y'all to buy.  So I just wanted to let everybody know that the bulk of the Christmas cards are now available. Here's the 5 different designs:

Santa Butt Christmas Cards

Adorable dog has taken a swatch of Santa's pants before he can get up the chimney. Caption inside the card reads, "Nothin' Butt A Insert Dog Breed Name Here Christmas".


Nothin' Butt Christmas Cards

3 naughty dogs surrounded by broken ornaments and candy canes, spilled milk and cookie crumbs.  One is sporting a Santa hat, the other reindeer antlers and the last one is caught in a half chewed up wreath. Caption inside the card reads, "Nothin' Butt A Insert Dog Breed Name Here Christmas".


Winter Wonderland Cards

Dog is shown sporting a cap and scarf in his country of origin's colors.  Depending on the breed, he's either surrounded with rabbits and a happy snowman or a slightly perturbed snowman that's either been peed on or drooled on.  Inside of the card is blank so you can write your own personal holiday greeting.


Santa's Cookies Cards

Dog has been caught eating cookies left out for Santa and spilling his milk.  He tries to get away with it by pretending he's Santa by wearing a Santa Hat and the inside of the card reads, "Ho Ho Ho?"






Rerry Rithmus Cards

Outside of the card is rather mysterious. It's dark and you can just make out some Christmas Lights and some obscured words.  The inside of the card reveals a dog wrapped up in Christmas Lights.  Caught in the act of chewing on the lights, he says a muffled "Rerry Rithmus!".





If you don't see your breed for a card you like, please send me an email.  It may be one I just haven't uploaded yet or it may be one we haven't created yet.  Either way, it helps us if you ask, because if we know there's interest in a breed, we'll put more focus on it.

Okay that's it for now.