WINNERS in our Big Nose-ify Your Dog Contest February 2, 2016 19:35

Announcing Contest Winners!

Hi y'all!

I want to thank everybody who entered our first Big Nose-ify Contest. So many adorable dogs. It was almost impossible to choose. Judes would love to draw everybody's dog if truth be known, but unfortunately we had to choose five. She has to sleep sometime. :-) The winners are:


 cute bulldog


beautiful black german shepherd gsd


pit bull shar-pei mix


 black pug


adorable shih tzu

Judes has already completed the big nose-ification of Bella, Valor and Kiri and I will blog their Big Nose pictures in separate blog posts. The remaining 2 will be posted as soon as each one is completed.

We will be having more contests in future, so keep a look out here on our Blog and on our Facebook page for contest announcements.

Thanks again to everybody who entered!